Meeting Dates 2014

All meetings are held at Windsor Community Precinct, Riverside, from 4:15 to 5:15 pm
(Members are welcome to arrive early after school)

Thurs 5th February (first week of school 2015)

Thurs 5th March (NYW)

MONDAY 23rd March (SPECIAL NYW Meeting)

Thurs 14th May

Thurs 11th June

Thurs 13th August

Thurs 10th September

Thurs 15th October

Thurs 12th November

December - Planning day/activity

Youth Advisory Council

The aim of the Youth Advisory Council is to provide young people with a stronger voice on community issues. The West Tamar Council recognises the value of contributions, ideas, energy and opinions, which young people can offer.

You don't need to be an existing student leader, or have an established position within the community. If you have energy, commitment to your community or even have some ideas about how council can make the West Tamar a better place for young people, we want to hear from you. Your opinions are important for the development of our community.

Get involved now!

Youth Advisory Committee

Youth Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Council Chambers Beaconsfield
West Street Beaconsfield Tas 7270
Phone 03 6383 6350 (8am-5pm Mon-Fri)
Council Office Riverside
Eden Street Riverside Tas 7250
Phone 03 6323 9300 (8am-5pm Mon-Fri)
Postal Address
PO Box 59 Beaconsfield Tas 7270